Carnival Shea Moisturizer 1oz


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Watch out ReggaeShea, you’ve got competition! Introducing our newest scented SUPER rich and soft shuffle of moisturizing butters. Made with our  vegan oils and White Shea, our ingredients includes Sweet Almond and Coconut infused with drops of delightful essential oils designed to suspend your senses and tantalize your moods. CARINVAL is a celebration in a bottle. An all natural blend, made for a whole body experience, indulge in a moisturizer created for use on the face, on the body and in the hair. A little bit of luxury that once you try, your skin, hair and whole mood will be GLOWING, naturally. Sizes range from 1oz-16oz (1lb) Jars.

If your prefer OILS or just want a companion for your CARNIVAL Perfume Roller Oils; same delicious scent based in an  oil.


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