Story & Myth RÊVEller Bracelets: Sensuality




The Story & Myth Rêve bracelets are a cumulation of two top Jamaican designers with hearts of gold.
Kristie & Duane both lead designer at their respective fashion brands came together to combined their love of the Jamaican culture, history, heritage & community. Hand beaded by Jamaicans with disability, this project reflects the heartbeat of friendship, inclusivity and love.
Made of natural locally grown JAMAICAN JOB TEARS, affectionately called “BLESSINGS BEADS”, this super exclusive & LIMITED line of bracelets are combined with charms and semi-precious stones of various significant meanings.
Included in the packaging, is a referral chart with the meaning each charm.
When you collect these bracelets, you are pouring love into soul of our people. Thank you for your purchase, ONE LOVE


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