Donut Stud Ear Rings: Goldtone


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Our beloved Classic Donut Stud ear rings are so well sorted after due to their bespoke design, they are crafted in 3 variations; available in miniature , original and Couture sizes. Perfectly suited to confidently accessorize your world. Wear them to a board room meeting or on the red carpet, they are sure to strike an impression.

We are foodies….. and our island’s unique flavours inspire our creations. The “Donut Studs” have become a satisfying treat for REVEllers, some have found themselves collecting a few pairs in each size.

Made of Brass and Hypoallergenic material, the original sized Donuts are approximately 2″x 2″ wide; also comes in larger or smaller size. Each Collection varies in colour and hue, available in Chocolate (DARK) or GOLDEN (full goldtone) finishes.

This size represents our original and measures 2″ in circumference right across.